Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yesterday's Camel

Rounding the last corner walking toward our house, Chris saw a man leading a camel. The man stopped and asked/insisted that Chris go on a ride. He demurred, but the man had the camel lower itself...

Really, who can pass up a camel ride? First, though, Chris called Hilary, knowing that she was home, and asked if she wanted to step outside and see a camel. It is moments like these, more frequent than one might guess, that make traveling so rewarding.

The neighbors gathered, Hilary took the reigns, the camel munched on trees and made sounds like one hears Star Wars animals make, and all was well.

After Chris had ridden up and down the block, we convinced our guard to take a turn.

Finally, Hilary had the kind of idea that Fulbright Scholars have: we will take a camel ride through the city, including passing through a large market and crossing the Niger River. We will, of course, post the experience in the blog.

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